Friday, July 11, 2014

Watch and Support The Miguel Show

My son and I invented our latest project and bonding activity, which he called "The Miguel Show". We loved doing the show and I was very surprised to discover his many talents.

Miguel is capable of delivering impromptu lines. He confidently faces the camera and carries on with the required scenes. He insisted on selecting the background music. His first choice was “Titanium” performed by David Guetta & Sia Hey but Youtube muted our video once uploaded and so we bought a new background music by an independent artist, which Miguel personally selected.

While editing the video, he sat beside me and gave directions in terms of how to design the opening, closing billboards and segment titles. I love seeing Miguel’s creative side.  God really blessed us with a talented kid.

I hope that you will all support “The Miguel Show”.  You can contribute in terms of sending in your favorite Bible verses for our “Super Verse” segment or questions for Miguel for our “Dear Miguel” segment. We also welcome advertisers and sponsors. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

To access first episode, please visit 

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