Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scary road incident

Desi, Miguel and I made a detour earlier to bring home a churchmate. We headed to Montalban via Litex. After dropping our churchmate near his home, we made three stops, last one was for gas at Shell in Rodriguez Rizal. My son was at the backseat but since the three of us were talking Miguel was at the middle and leaning forward. I was looking at some stores when I chanced upon a tall bald man holding something I cannot see. As we pass by him we heard a loud bang. Desi thought it was a gun shot, I thought a large firecracker exploded beneath our car. And Miguel being the most imaginative thought a comet hit our car. 

I checked on my son and saw the right, rear, door-window glass shattered into pieces. I pulled Miguel towards us in front and began inspecting him, I found several broken pieces of glass on his head but no wounds. I turned to Desi and noticed he did not stop. We kept moving forward on the vehicle and were making sense of what just happened when I saw 2 Barangay officials on a motorcycle with a side car. Desi honked his horn several times to get their attention. When they stopped we asked for their help and explained what just happened. 

I described the stone thrower and they immediately pursued him. The three of us stayed at the Baranggay Station. I saw small blood stains on my blouse and went to further inspect injuries my son might have incurred. I found a very small cut on his right elbow and nothing more. The Baranggay officials came back. Some eyewitnesses informed them that the stone thrower immediately escaped through the nearby river. They did not catch him but they got his name. We were told he's a wanted man with several complaints/cases against him.

Looking back at what happened, we realized that we are under God's protection all throughout the ordeal. 1. Miguel was not by the window. We were actually talking about praying for each one to be healthy for our upcoming trip, so that he was leaning his head toward us and away from harm.  2. Desi kept moving the vehicle; he said that the stone thrower might belong to a gang of robbers willing us to stop so that they can rob us. 3. Spotting the helpful Barangay Officials. 4. Getting a good lead on our suspect. 

Thank you to our Life Partners Growth Group for praying for us. So many evil people but God is good! Stay safe everyone.


  1. That's horrifying. Always take care and may God protect us all from these evilness.